eCommerce, the Dodeca.Online site

Tourist clothing e-commerce site


The commerce site managed with WOOCOMMERCE uses the STRIPE , PAYPAL and APPLEPLAY payment methods.
WOOCOMMERCE is interfaced with a system for generating invoices, dispatch slips and of course allows inventory management

The site interfaces with FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM to present product galleries on these platforms and to build an audience for Ads and retargeting.

GOOGLE tools (ANALYTICS, SEARCH CONSOL) « run » to also make the audiences which are used in retargeting.

All of the site’s insight measurements are made on GOOGLE ANALYTICS .

Natural referencing is done by a YOUTUBE channel and a FACEBOOK PAGE / INSTAGRAM with a dedicated account. Regular weekly photo and video posts and the interactivity of these social networks generate interesting traffic.

Audience targeting operations by Ads were carried out on these two networks in order to supplement and develop the natural reach generated by the publications.

The ecosystem was completed by the configuration (moreover quite complex) of GOOGLE MERCHANT , which is a formidable solution coupled with Google retargeting.

The site has been ported into three languages: English, French, Italian.

Patmos Polo

TIPS: GOOGLE appreciates for its referencing sites with inbound and outbound links in quantity. Of course, this can be found on the Internet! Not a good idea! Google harshly punishes the smart kids …

  • Secure payment solution

  • Integration of more than 200 model references

  • Multilingual English – French – Italian

* For reasons of confidentiality, it is not possible for us to communicate a figure