Video the future of media before … augmented reality

Video of the future? 

APPLE and FACEBOOK will make you use it after having put a smartphone in your hands to …. watch videos everywhere, all the time !!!

Half of French people already watch television on a phone or tablet. Often to be able to make two uses of media at the same time. Televisions have tried in vain to link up with social networks to create the interactivity of their programs. social networks were then singled out as a kind of no man’s land to preserve themselves. Today, and this is the strength of GAFAM, social networks are broadcasting channels independent of television with a more interactive and more targeted tone and which tends towards a professionalization of productions.


The first winners of this VIDEO + YOUTUBE coupling are the Rap music industry. Today, a leader in music production, it has taken this leadership by making optimal use not only of video production (by becoming on some levels a real technical standard) but also by broadcasting with an optimal use of YOUTUBE to create communities. of fans.

Contrary to popular belief, these are real spaces of creativity and which correspond to the expression needs of populations around the world. In your thoughts, never forget that social networks have no borders. This often results in multilingual video designs, but the market is becoming global.


INSTAGRAM and newcomer TIKTOK are torn apart in a Homeric battle on the youth market. these have generously left Facebook. Instagram, the latter’s subsidiary, decided in mid-2021 to only highlight videos to the detriment of photos. And to favor the audience of those who make exchanges therefore interactivity and traffic.


YOUTUBE (GOOGLE) has made available to users all the tools to do live streaming from a simple smartphone. Easier than what we did on television in the 90s. And this with several simultaneous speakers possibly in the four corners of the planet.


The only innovations but of size of the last iPhone 13 of APPLE  does not relate to the video. It is the true axis of strategy of the largest global company with the best of video technology which is imposed with the APPLE PRORES format. Everything is put in Open in this concentrate of technology so that you can make beautiful videos (even while filming like a foot) and then be able to broadcast it.

People under 35 hardly watch traditional television anymore to devote themselves to online video on Youtube, DailyMotion and now with online videoconferencing services such as Twitch, OBS to take up the design of interactivity, of community as the television does not offer. The audiences are very important, some productions already very professional.

The aspect of belonging to the community is very strong and the “feuilletonnage” with “broadcasts”  very regular and when the news requires it make it a real relevant media. 

This mutation makes them communication segments that many brands have already taken by associating themselves more subtly than on television and, for me, dear with programs. By presenting specific offers, they often have very significant and rapid return on investment.


VIDEO PRODUCTION has nothing to do with the sometimes staggering costs of corporate productions in the past. As in any case this kind of format is strongly to be avoided, we recommend that you instead start with a series of clips of 1 to 1m30 with a goal and a theme per clip, produced in a very dynamic way that you can broadcast according to your campaigns, according to your markets. the costs are more to be compared to those of the late plates !!!

The upcoming emerging applications of augmented reality and 3D should reinforce this trend for the next 5 years and to develop it.


The winning cocktail is therefore the production of video with distribution within communities with specific offers.

La video l'avenir