The style of digital communication

This is definitely the platform  INSTAGRAM which is the most innovative in terms of inventiveness for social networks and PINTEREST is a true digital aestheticism.

Small symbols like HASHTAGS and EMOJIS come from Instagram which were intended to bring the content of an image to life. This is now taken up by other social media and with the advent of video on INSTAGRAM and TIKTOK.

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The style of digital communication

Rule n ° 1: The user does not have time … even if he has some

The style of digital communication is very particular, it must be direct and encourage people to assimilate into a community.

It must not only be very written in its preparation but present a very relaxed rendering with real added value. Ideally he must contribute in the maze of media that will eat up users, information, real information that remains.

Rule # 2: The user procrastinates !!!

It should be short and to the point. users are used to having synthetic content. Marketing convolutions of 2nd and 3rd degree speeches are not desirable. The elements of credibility of the company must be found in the watermark in the content but not the content itself!

In other words, in his virtual space he fears missing out on a great opportunity, a great deal that won’t happen again. The use of deadline and counter is widespread

Main advantage: it is quite agreed to quickly offer a commercial action to the user and for that it must be taken in very short steps in a conversion channel to encourage them to make the purchase.

The conversion channel must present all the essential information to give the user confidence but not slow him down. The exchange and return policy must be very easily searchable.

The user in his virtual space has a virtual behavior, the act of purchase is simpler on condition of reassuring him to receive the service, the invested product.

The style of digital communication