The duration of the clips

Strategies have changed

The duration of the clips must be short


Overall, a company made a CORPORATE film to introduce itself, to present its managers, its activity, etc …. A “mega” production, often very expensive, which was shown on a screen in the reception areas of companies. Otherwise, his communications agency produced commercials in 30s to one minute formats intended for television space purchases. The style was rather to make the image, the notoriety, then the spots were directed towards offers not always striking …

This supply problem stems from the distribution. You choose to make a media plan using data provided by the control rooms, but they were sufficiently imprecise not to know  really to whom the advertisement was going to be offered, its level of information and therefore it was necessary to be broad to capture the attention, while being in fact very evasive.

Change of scenery with social networks since you have the possibility of defining very precisely to whom, according to his subjects of interest cleverly compiled by the GAFAM, you will broadcast your ad. the audience as you build it will allow you to adjust the quality of your clip according to your strategy.

If you’re talking to someone who’s aware of your subject, you owe it to yourself to be sharp in bringing in value-added information and you can bid (very) aggressively to convert. For this your clip must be DYNAMIC , SHORT and GO TO THE ESSENTIAL . The writing method is therefore completely different as well as the marketing approach.

For that, it is preferable to make a real campaign by creating at the base the audiences that we want to reach and how we want to reach them and to make several DIFFERENT and SHORT clips that we will present to the right target.

obviously, it is imperative to use these new codes and styles of writing to be effective.

The two main social media with video content today are INSTAGRAM , TIKTOK and of course YOUTUBE and VIMEO for more elaborate content.

The first two social media have voluntarily restricted the videos to 30s to give dynamism. And if the user wants to make it longer he must do a STORY , an IGTV or a REELS for INSTAGRAM .

This is a new social media incentive to get writers to do live streams like YOUTUBE  and TWITCH which offers real shows in  providing its authors with tools that television in the 1990s barely had. All this further reinforces the notions of community and therefore the qualification of users of these media !!

The Chinese authorities recently limited the daily times for teenagers on TIKTOK because these media are really addicting. Few users miss the reminders of shows on TWITCH where they can interact with the author. 

Adopting these media is to put an end to television and its advertisements !!

No more big useless gas factories !!! To develop its strategy and growth in digital, it is preferable to adopt a reactive, agile, clever posture to go straight to its objectives and always adapt to its segment. This is the winning strategy of successful companies in the digital world.

It is one of the real assets of ALCYONE to master the entire chain of production and digital distribution. The images produced and edited will therefore correspond perfectly to the marketing targets that the client wishes to reach.

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