The dissemination of social networks

Social networks to generate your qualified traffic

The dissemination of social networks is fundamental for your website traffic.

The developed website is unlikely to be viewed in mass global digital media.

The goal is not to obtain a quantitative traffic (whatever) but primarily qualitative with prospects likely to carry out an act of purchase this is called the CONVERSION

You will have to bring them to your offer:

The first lever is what is called NATURAL REFERENCING which will generate reach and which consists of the site’s mainly GOOGLE tools for referencing the site as it will be presented to the Internet user according to the keywords he will use ( and that we will have to use). The strategy  SEO and keyword choices is subtle enough to rank well. We use the type SHORT TRAINE and LONGUE TRAINE to have a broad spectrum of research and to do it sometimes even using “possible” spelling errors.

For a referencing in the Ads position (at the very top of this GOOGLE page), it is necessary to pay according to a strategy by running a real campaign so that your ad appears in the first place. The interest of the GOOGLE approach is OUTBOUND marketing, that is to say that we present a product to a person who is looking for one !!! It’s quite natural !!

To develop traffic and bring prospects back to the site, the other social networks ( FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST ) that we use are more based on an INBOUND strategy. The campaigns are even more subtle and you have to work well on the audiences to present the offer to an Internet user who has a common interest. And present the ad to him so he can click to go to the site.

Then, a good source of referencing and traffic is to use the media (photos, videos) by referencing them in an attractive way because it is the main gateway to your website. Paradoxically, YOUTUBE is GOOGLE’s best SEO (it’s the same house at the same time) and a good number of videos appear first and foremost in the GOOGLE search page.

There is therefore not one but several input channels to your website that should be used as best as possible and in a complementary manner. A good approach before embarking on any SEO operations is to define the PERSONA (the profile of the person likely to buy you.

And as with any strategy, GOOGLE provides extremely powerful statistical reporting tools in order to perform tests and optimize referencing operations. Everything is detailed in terms of traffic in an extremely precise way (source of entry, impact of the campaign, country, city of visitors, elderly, etc.)

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  • 80% of buyers before taking action watch YOUTUBE
  • YouTube is the best positioning in SEO and reaches more people on devices
  • 73% of American adults use it
  • 62% of users discover new brands, new opportunities
  • The best place for an advertisement on the internet
Video Editing Viméeo Alcyone
  • VIMEO is the social network specializing in high quality video.
  • Allows for quality display and playback at any remote site.
  • It is the only one paying and this reserves its use to quality-conscious professionals.
Alcyone Pinterest Video Montage

PINTEREST a little less known compared to the big social networks, it is however terribly effective in terms of the natural referencing of your website. Michèle Obama is a very heavy user

  • More used by women than men
  • It allows you to distribute photos, especially on lifestyle or decoration themes, which allows you to have excellent image referencing.
  • It is very aesthetic with graphic and photographic achievements of very good bills.
  • It is possible to use Ads to generate traffic on the website
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FACEBOOK completely deserted by Generation Y, which has turned towards more dynamic, more visual, more video content, however, remains a tool of choice for targeting audiences and retargeting.

Logo Instagram

INSTAGRAM is Facebook’s photos and now video supplement. The two tools work together in terms of a business manager, even if the qualification of an audience with Instagram remains a little uncertain. It is preferable to apply the audiences carried out on Facebook to content in Ads with Instagram.

Twitter twitter

TWITTER ‘s tweet is very effective at spreading information. It is more difficult to make a real communication by Ads, but it is a very effective complement in BToB.