Real estate for sale in Leros – Patmos – Lipsi

Why are you unlikely to sell your house with local players?

  • Your property is unique! Do you think you’ll have a chance to sell it on a catalog site in the middle of a field of ruins with photos all over the place?
  • There are no real estate agents but builders who also do real estate. For the equivalent of the budget, they will prefer to build.
  • The players devote only a few resources in terms of digital communication. The sites are obsolete, no digital communication, no referencing. The best solution for a purchaser is to be present on the island, to locate one of the many signs and to … try to find the agency. The market is therefore extremely small.

… and it can take a long, long time …

Alcyone Immo is the perfect solution to sell your home with constant access to the international market.

It is likely that your buyer is from abroad. From experience, transactions between foreigners on Greek soil are much more fluid and cleared of all hypothetical intermediaries.

The Covid pandemic has already prompted many people to change their lives. The Greek Dodecanese Islands with new air services and the new airport in Kos have seen the emergence of a new category of visitors, digital nomads.  

An ideal application for digital marketing. Presenting the right house to a buyer who wants to buy a house in Greece !!

In Greece, it is as difficult to sell a house as it is to buy one. Greek owners are sometimes very versatile. Buying a house from a foreigner is a real asset.

An offer in 4 steps

Step 1 – Create pro-quality media

The challenge is to achieve all the media necessary to show your property only by images with very little text with the aim of responding to a first online visit.

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Leros real estate sale
Leros real estate sale
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All in video

The new standard for punchy communication

We are able to achieve the best video work in colorimetric editing with our BLACKMAGIC DAVINCI certification, the publisher of Hollywood blockbusters. 

We make video captures with the best SONY equipment, stabilizers, 360 video for visiting interior rooms and our DJI drones for the environment of your property.

Our capabilities in motion design make it possible to highlight the elements of the property.

A quality requirement that you can see on YOUTUBE or VIMEO .

Some of our videos on Leros posted on social networks have had tens of thousands of views.

Around the world


Between quality natural referencing and the conversion funnel of social networks, your site and ad is enhanced by targeted campaigns from Facebook and Google Ads using retargeting.


Step 2 – A dedicated WEB site

The creation of a dedicated and duly referenced website is carried out with professional media in order to be able to discover the house in its environment without having to travel as a sort of pre-visit.

Step 3 – An inbound marketing strategy 

After the media, spreading it out and spreading it with a cutting edge marketing strategy that social networks offer to reach people looking to acquire real estate in a Greek island and to reach them at home, all year round .

Leros real estate sale
Lipsi property sale
real estate sale Patmos

Step 4 – Professional follow-up

30 years in the business world in France.

Language French / English

Local knowledge of essential players.

Availability on site

Easy trips from island to island

All skills are internal

Responsiveness and quality of follow-up in exchanges with prospects.

The meaning of the customer relationship

If there are special aspects to your transaction, we may provide you with additional optional services.

Western functioning

In development

In the summer of 2022, ALCYONE will be able to offer you the 3D modeling of your house for easier navigation for the discovery of the house but also as a bonus for the purchaser to allow him to anticipate a decoration, works change at its convenience. A satisfied buyer and a determined buyer


An example of 3D modeling with Blender software

Example of 3D modeling of a modern house

Model your house in 3D to better sell it in Leros, Greece

Alcyon logo entrance

Web design


A classic communication approach with the best ingredients of digital tools for the satisfaction of your project. A single contact person available and on site.

Some example visuals for your future ad

The satisfaction of your objectives will be our only priority !!!

How about we talk about it?

To know all the details of our process and the elements of our service


Everything about the island of Leros

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