Leros.Online, a whole digital strategy

Leros.Online the entire ecosystem in place for 5 years  of the promotion of the island of Leros in Greece.

Tripidi Granite Arch

To make visibility on social networks and memorization.

A website with a visual identity.

Many photos and videos produced and published on the site and quality referencing to ensure significant natural reach.

Leros-Online Social media

The use of videos has become a priority to get traffic to your site.

Social Networks Instagram, Facebook Page and Group, Youtube Channel, Vimeo animation.

The quality photos and videos posted, the higher the engagement rate of users to the website, the more Google likes your site and ranks it higher in the popularity hierarchy !!

However, it should never be forgotten that these GAFAM only think about making money. If your publication is of quality it will be put forward (and vice versa) to obtain more quality in the content of the platform. In a way, it’s like a television channel whose content you would produce !!!

Video broadcast
Facebook page


The Facebook business manager shows that the number of people around the world interested in the Leros theme is 2,500 (with the exception of Greece). Leros.Online’s social media, which has few Greeks on the whole (by will), are very powerful relays for conveying information after the audience. Completed with a FaceBook Ads campaign (what we do regularly helps develop and refine these audiences.

Leros.Online is at your disposal