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Patmos Real Estate

The stages of setting up our service

The service is tailor-made and adapts to the possible specificities of your property or to your aspirations. We bring you our expertise in the field. Communication allows you to develop the best solution for your satisfaction.

Patmos real estate

Patmos Real Estate

All the questions you can ask yourself before contacting us

You will find all the additional information on how our service works as well as our restrictions. The ethics of our company naturally directs us towards a quality service for compliant real estate.

Media and properties2022-01-30T09:16:16+01:00

Media and properties

All the media produced as part of your service is at your disposal, you are the owner for any use you wish. However, this is not a transfer of rights and in no way can you assign them to a third party.

We can make you the media even if you prefer another marketing option

ALCYONE retains the right to inspect the use made of the media produced and made available to its client.

Multilingual site2022-01-30T09:16:42+01:00

Multilingual site

The interest of having a multilingual site is important !!! A multilingual site will compete in the SEO of Google for each language to which it is presented with keywords that work with the word sought by the user. this allows in each language used to be placed in a good ranking in Google. If your site is written in French, you will not appear to users who type “house to Buy  in Dodekanisos ”for example. The investment is really worth the effort !!!

Our fees2022-01-30T09:17:22+01:00

Our fees

We have two offers a first for the establishment of your website referenced with professional media. The price of the service is 1% excluding tax of the amount of your requested price.

The second offer incorporates the content of the first with in addition the implementation of the distribution strategy on social media and the purchase of digital communication from providers such as faceBook, Google. the price of the service is 2% excluding tax of the amount of your requested price.

You will not be asked for any commission on the sale of your property.



All exchanges between ALCYONE and its customers are strictly confidential. No information is disclosed on the nature of the property and any exchanges with the owners.



Geographical area2022-01-30T09:21:03+01:00

Geographical area

ALCYONE is based on the island of LEROS in Greece. We have all the capacity to travel to all the Greek islands of the Dodecanese and more particularly PATMOS, LIPSI and KALYMNOS that we know well. On request we can move to other islands of this magnificent country as far as real estate is concerned.

As far as video and marketing services are concerned, we are fully available wherever you are except having to make rushes. 

do not hesitate to contact us

Specificities of social networks2022-01-30T09:21:26+01:00

Specificities of social networks

INBOUND MARKETING  is a way of proceeding in terms of marketing to offer a prospect something that they are not really looking for like buying a house in Greece but which has a real disposition either to change their life or to be very interested in stays in Greece . To do this, it is possible to reach these prospects more widely by searching for them on surrounding islands, for example.

All the social media that have been developed and run by ALCYONE for 5 years have deliberately excluded the Greek population in order to cultivate international audiences as a priority. That makes less views than a Greek count but it makes for more qualified audiences. Much more efficient

To locate the interests, research on the Facebook Marketing Manager locates the interest for the island of Leros with a panel of Western Europeans at a segment of 3,500 people when for Kos it is around 2 million people (tourism effect of the guaranteed weekly stay)

The marketing offered by Google is different based on the visibility of search in SEO mode that can be boosted with a Google Ads to advertise to appear first and with natural referencing to appear in a good position. The other marketing offered by Google which is extremely powerful is RETARGETING (also usable with FaceBook on a Facebook Ads) which consists of making an ad reappear on the page of someone who has visited the site for a while for the encourage them to come back.

The costs for these Facebook and Google campaigns are included in our fees as long as your property is not sold. It should be noted, however, that the relevance of marketing on social networks is very clearly influenced by seasonality.


Duration of the service2022-01-30T09:22:17+01:00


The duration of the service runs until the sale of your property without any additional costs.

Are we a Leros real estate agency?2022-01-30T09:04:34+01:00

Are we a Leros real estate agency?

in LEROS or in the Dodecanese? The answer is clearly NO . We are a digital communication and marketing agency and we provide you with our digital know-how as part of your transaction. You will not be asked anything (except a little recognition) to complete the sale of your property .


Real estate agency Leros

Customer refusal2022-01-30T09:22:52+01:00

Customer refusal

The real estate market in the islands sometimes presents completely inconsistent prices. In view of the satisfaction that we want to give to our customers, we reserve the right to decline a service for this reason of inconsistent price in the market.

The satisfaction of your objectives will be our only priority !!!

How about we talk about it?


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