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Sometimes, business activities on digital networks are a little overused, especially by the media which, to tell the truth, are clueless about the steamroller that is happening to the livelihood: advertising.

A television advertising agency will give you its audiences with a wet finger because they are incapable, other than working on panels, of selling you precisely who is exactly in front of their screen and how to qualify them! The operators that are GOOGLE , FACEBOOK and others will tell you on the other hand in an extremely precise way.

With traditional media, you create a medium, you buy a space (quite expensive) and your fingers crossed.

With a digital media, you create your offer and you build your campaign to reach only those who have the profile to be interested in your offer !!! SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT … and you only pay for what is consumed in ad presentation and according to the competition. It is a strategy that goes directly to the target and with which it is easy to measure the advertising investment against the conversion generated. The basis of marketing.


The first of the concepts that must be put forward is the precision of the indicators provided by the operators. When designing campaigns to build audiences, when monitoring the campaign and evaluating it. You can define very precisely who you are offering a product to, and you can easily see the behavior of potential customers in conversion. For those who do not make an immediate CONVERSION, the unique tool of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK of RETARGETING is extremely powerful to remind several times the existence of your offer and thus generate SECONDARY CONVERSIONS. The restatement of audiences for consecutive campaigns allows each campaign to further increase the CONVERSION RATE.


The other essential point is the PERSONA. Your marketing director will be in great demand because it is the main point of any digital strategy. It is advisable to define with the existing of the company, with the studies, the extremely precise profile of its client or potential prospect. The more factors there are, the more precise the creation of social media audiences will be and the more your campaigns will present a high investment / generated turnover ratio. 

As a reminder, social media have no borders, the creation of multilingual iAds could be a very important lever for your growth.



Some simple rules of digital marketing:

  • As productive as it is to present your offer to a qualified prospect, it generates a bad image on a prospect who is not at all interested in your offer.
  • Because you love being recognized in a store, it helps build loyalty. It is the same with social media by personalizing messages and playing the community card by using styles and codes, you show real closeness.
  • The length of clips is an essential factor in the quality of the online marketing campaign.
  • The use of video corresponds well to these codes because it is the best medium for quickly presenting an offer with dynamism based on image and sound.

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