Audio the best of video editing

50% of the emotion of a production

ALCYONE takes particular care in producing a quality soundtrack to highlight and develop the emotions generated by the images. SoundEffects amplify certain sequences, certain transitions

Audio the best of video editing

Audio quality

All the audio tracks produced are processed with the APPLE LOGIC X DAW

To get a good soundtrack, you need to integrate four types of sounds:

  • The music
  • Room Tone: a true video image needs the sound of its natural ambience
  • Sound effects or SFX to highlight sequences of the image with in particular risers, accents, etc.
  • The voice-over according to the type of editing 
  • Apple LogicX

  • Izotope

  • Equalization

  • Compressor

  • Mastering

  • Synchronization to beats

SoundFX & Room Tone

ALCYONE has a library of over 100,000 SFX 

  • Room Tone

  • Sound Effects SFX

Audio the best of video editing
Alcyone specialist in Online Marketing and Video Editing

Musical production

ALCYONE is a partner with the EPIDEMIC SOUND sound library which is a world reference in terms of music production and SFX. This allows audio editing in STEMS which promotes the quality of the mastering.

NATIVE INSTRUMENTS allows you to create custom SFXs and melodies as needed. ALCYONE is equipped with the best cinematic libraries from the world’s leading music production publisher. a real reference !!

  • Epidemic Sound

  • Native Instruments

The importance of audio