Video montage

We like to produce our images ourselves because it makes all the difference !!! 

This makes it possible to think of the shots made for the purpose of what we want to obtain and that does not make the video editing dependent on the rushes available.


Obviously, such an approach cannot be improvised, it is necessary to write the project before making the basis of all video productions: STORYTELLING which will make the video attractive. For this, three preliminary ingredients are necessary: the client briefing, the identification and writing of the storytelling and its validation.


Video editing

Video editing

ALCYONE is certified by BLACKMAGIC for its professional DAVINCI RESOLVE video editing software which is the benchmark for blockbuster editing.

Depending on the nature of the projects we also use 

  • DaVinci Resolve

  • Apple FinalCut Pro X

  • Adobe Premiere

  • LumaFusion [IOS]


Audio is at least 50% of the emotion that your film will generate. And it is unfortunately very often forgotten or mistreated. It is much more complex than simple music added to a video image with the addition of  Rome  Tone for a global ambience, soundFX for  emphasize certain images and more generally the mastering of the sound for interview voices or  in a voice-over.

  • The sound recordings are made with a ZOOM H5
  • ALCYONE has an internal library of over 50,000 musical sounds and textures
  • Apple LogicX

  • Izotope

  • Native Instruments

  • Epidemic Sound

Eq Logic Pro
More details
video vectorscope


This is still one of the little-known aspects of video production but with audio, colorimetry is one of the most important aspects to give the « temperature », the atmosphere of your film … where many are content to apply LUT (LOOK UP TABLE) color correspondence tables, ALCYONE has real expertise in the field and works with the reference products on the market to obtain the best dynamics from your images.


  • Color Finale

  • Red Giant Colorista V

  • DaVinci Color

  • Cinemagrade

Motion Design

To do all the elements added to a video such as titling, special effects, particles,  Call-out to enhance and document a video presentation

ALCYONE is BORISFX certified which is the world leader in Special Effects

  • BorisFX

  • Red giant

  • Motion VFX

  • Apple Motion

Boris Particle Illusion