Big big impact camera?

Big camera big impact but also often big budget …


The appearance of a camera remains today a criterion of choice for many providers to give credibility to their services.

The impact is also on the budget, but not necessarily on the success of your project …

Where APPLE deploys all its efforts to demonstrate that we can make a blockbuster BLOCKBUSTER with its latest iPhones, the trap is still very common to have old-fashioned service providers, with a good big material that seems to reassure and the right quote. who’s fine …

As a preamble, it should already be specified that when you broadcast your video on social media when loading, this will systematically recompress your production according to their algorithms. You will thus have a rather different result in diffusion than what you post.

COLORIMETRIE ‘s imperatives, on the other hand, remain extremely important for quality.  and the style of your post is more than the resolution. Some shooting techniques can also optimize the compression of social media but this really has nothing to do with the size of the camera, on the contrary even since often now many so-called VLOG devices are optimized for this process. .

A phrase commonly heard on YOUTUBE concerning the choice of material. My client didn’t take me seriously because my camera was very small. Ditto for drones.

The current video writing as well as the realization are not fixed, they are in full evolution and the main asset is the CREATIVITY not the technique. For good marketing use, technique will never be a differential asset.

In a world where it has become difficult to miss a photo because the technique is so good, choose a service provider who will know how to put a different and surprising angle on your products or services. It is the main guarantee of success even if the realization is made with a SmartPhone !!

Adopting a digital strategy  is the best criterion of success, the realization of the media being only one means !!

Big camera big impact